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LSP.net – Privacy Policy


LSP.net has created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to protecting customer data.

Privacy is of great importance to us at the LSP.net Internet site and with respect to our online services. We have created this explanation of our privacy practices because we gather important data from our visitors and customers.

We reserve the right to change this policy and will endeavor to provide notice of such a change at least thirty (30) business days before it takes effect.

1. LSP.net policy

Professional information security is a high-ranking quality criterion for our customers and has the highest priority for all business processes.

2. Data encryption

The use of the LSP.net online services occurs exclusively by means of certified secure data transfer on the Internet with SSL encryption.

As such, the data transferred from web forms and with OTM between your computer and the LSP.net servers are protected from third-party access in both directions. Also applicable to users of OTM: the same security exists when customers and freelancers upload and download data in OTM.

3. Data storage

(1) The following applies to visitors to our Internet sites www.LSP.net and www.QTN.net:

Protection and confidential treatment of the data and information of our Internet visitors and customers has the highest priority.
Each time a user accesses a page on LSP.net GmbH's Internet site, and whenever a file is accessed, data about the event are stored in a log file.

Specifically, the following record is stored for each access:
- name of the file accessed,
- date and time of access,
- amount of data transferred,
- an indication of whether the access was successful,
- the IP address of the computer from which the request was sent.

Personal user profiles cannot be derived from the data.
The stored data are analyzed by LSP.net only for statistical purposes. The data are processed exclusively for the intended purpose. It is not disseminated to third parties.

The LSP.net Internet pages use no Java applets or Active-X controls. Cookies are used solely for transmitting multi-page form data to enable paging forward and backward in forms. JavaScript should be activated in the visitor's browser for navigating the Internet pages.

(2) The following applies to OTM users:

A cookie is stored on the user's computer for each OTM session to make the use of OTM as simple and practical as possible. These session cookies contain information that allow the system to identify the user unambiguously while logged in to our online services. This cookie file contains neither the user name nor the password. The OTM service cannot be used if the storage of cookies is blocked on the user's computer.

Authorized OTM users (typically an administrator of the licensee) can update or remove their personal data at any time by logging in to OTM and editing it in the configuration (setup).

OTM licensee data are used only for purposes of OTM license billing. Essentially, registration is performed for the number of user accounts subject to licensing as well as any associated services subject to licensing.

The OTM licensee's data and files are stored with multiple redundancy (backup) on OTM servers in a high-security area of the data center. The LSP.net IT infrastructure is monitored continuously by security specialists.

4. Data security

The LSP.net online services have security features that offer protection against loss, misuse and manipulation of the data under our control.  The data are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which uses both server authentication and data encryption in order to ensure that the data are secure and accessible by you.

Moreover, LSP.net has implemented enhanced security based on dynamic data and complex session IDs. The services run in a secure server environment utilizing firewalls and other modern technologies to prevent disruptions or intrusion attempts.
Finally, LSP.net uses unique user names and passwords that must be entered at the time of each login.
These security precautions are conducive to

  • preventing unauthorized access,
  • maintaining data accuracy,
  • ensuring the proper use of the data and
  • separating the data of one licensee from data of other licensees.

5. LSP.net ISO certification and compliance

(1) ISO 27001 - Security

All employees are comprehensively trained in the subject of privacy and are aware of their responsibility. LSP.net GmbH's information security management system is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

(2) ISO 9001 - Quality

Our customers benefit from the systematization and the content of this standard, which demonstrably leads to continuous improvement of product and service quality. LSP.net GmbH's quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
You can download the current ISO certificate here:

6. Additional information

Please direct questions about this policy or the practices of the Internet sites and online service mentioned here

  • by e-mail to

    security @ LSP.net

  • by postal mail to

    LSP.net GmbH
    Attention: Privacy Officer
    Prinzregentenstrasse 40
    10715 Berlin, Germany


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