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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


LSP.net provides business solutions and quality management for the language industry.

LSP.net develops the business platform OTM (Online Translation Manager) which facilitates
straightforward and reliable multilingual cooperation between your business and your customers,
as well as with co-workers across a global network.

How reliable is OTM?

OTM has been under development since 2001; it was launched into active operation in 2003 and has been running under heavy duty translation agency network conditions ever since.

LSP.net releases an update to OTM approximately every 3 months, bringing new features and even better usability and speed approximately.

All versions are subjected to intensive testing before being rolled out to ensure stability for all users.

– 99.5% Service Uptime Guarantee –

In case your internet connection is down, take your laptop to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and continue working :-)

What does SaaS mean (Software as a Service)?

SaaS means that OTM is available online 24/7. No installation of any software on your local computer or office network is required.

To work with OTM you only need an internet connection and an internet browser like Firefox, Safari etc.

You will always be working with the latest version of the software.

Important: Your data is NOT in the "cloud"; it is stored on dedicated server hardware in Germany!

Moneywise SaaS means that the software is not purchased but rather "rented." Rental fees (license fees) depend on the actual usage. For more details on the fees related to the OTM license, please click here.

Other examples of SaaS-Software: Google Apps®, Microsoft® SaaS, Salesforce.com®, QuickBooks Online®.

What is ISO 9001 conformity?

ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Compliance with high quality standards is essential for customer satisfaction and success.

Customers benefit from the systematic approach and the content of the ISO 9001 standard, which has proven to lead to continuous improvement, diminishing process and error costs, and more motivated workers as well as more satisfied customers.

The general principles of quality management include, among other things,

  • Customer orientation
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Continuous improvement, and
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

OTM meets all requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

Therefore, by using OTM you will be working in 100% ISO conformity and will be able to point this out to customers as a distinct advantage.

However, working in conformity with the ISO standard is not the same as being ISO certified as a company. In connection with the use of OTM, your company can, if not already certified, obtain full ISO 9001 certification quickly and at very low cost.

LSP.net's QMS experts will be happy to answer your questions about the ISO 9001 standard in a timely manner.

Since 2011, OTM is the world-wide first commercial Online Translation Management System (TMS) certified to DIN EN 15038.
Download DIN EN 15038 certificate (PDF)

LSP.net GmbH, as the developer of OTM, is ISO 9001 certified.

For more information on ISO standards click here.

Will other OTM users be able to see my projects?

Absolutely not!

Your project data and files, your customers, and your agency's pool of freelancers (agency resources) are accessible only by you and authorized employees at your company.

The entire network is protected against unauthorized access.

The network operator (LSP.net GmbH) isworking in compliance with ISO 27001, the international standard for IT security management systems.

What's the learning curve for this software?

Years of experience have shown that after a brief familiarization period – perhaps a couple of days – users are unable to imagine working without OTM again :-)

1. Teams, agencies, LSPs

One key factor for your company's success in working with OTM is setting up your agency profile properly within OTM. Extensive instructions and examples have been put in place to guide you through the process step by step.

Once you've entered in all of the required information, close the setup process. You can then get started with your first project immediately.

The integrated project assistant is an important friend when you first start working with OTM. It shows you which actions are possible and/or required given the status of a project.

Because OTM has been designed to reflect the typical ideal workflow for language services, most steps will be self-explanatory. If you nevertheless get confused by something, contextual online help is available right on the page for every step of project cycle. The full OTM knowledge base is also only a mouse click away.

You are also welcome to contact LSP.net's support team directly with your questions and comments. OTM e-mail support is included with the license and does not involve any extra costs.

NOTE: It’s always challenging to switch from a historically grown project management system to a new one. From our experience, people always miss the “old” procedures and workarounds they have internalized in the past.

Thus it’s very important to have an open mind for the “new thing”, understanding that the new environment is not evil, but more intuitive and time-saving than the old one.

2. Freelancers

OTM is tremendously easy for freelancers to use, since their OTM service pages are intended solely for reviewing and accepting job offers, uploading and downloading files and invoices as well as sending project-relevant emails.

Are my data and files safe in the network?

Most categorically, yes!

Professional data security is a high ranking quality criterion for customers.

Data transfer

Use of OTM guarantees certified safe data transmission via the internet with 256-Bit AES TLS encryption.
Thus the data transferred from your computer to the OTM servers are protected from unauthorized access.
The same security level applies to file uploads and downloads by customers and freelancers.

Data storage

All data and files as well as project related email correspondence are stored on OTM servers in the high security area of the data center on a multiple redundancy basis (backup).

Additional safety measures

The OTM hardware infrastructure is constantly monitored by IT security specialists. Regular intrusion tests are also performed.
The entire system is protected against unauthorized access.

ISO 27001 Certificate

The network operator (LSP.net GmbH) is working according and compliant to the international ISO 27001 standard (Information Security Management System).

Note: When downloading customer or freelancer files from the OTM server to your computer, please ensure that they are automatically checked with an up-to-date virus scanner on your workstation for damaging or malicious software programs.

LSP.net's IT security experts will be happy to answer your further questions about IT security in a timely manner.

Can OTM handle DTP projects and jobs, too?
Yes. OTM is set up to handle DTP projects and jobs.
Can OTM handle localization projects and jobs, too?
Yes. OTM is set up to handle localization projects and jobs.
Can OTM handle interpreting projects and jobs, too?

No. This is a completely different business requiring very different processes and procedures.

That said, you will find a lot of translators who are available for interpreting jobs in the OTM database.



For more answers, please feel free to contact LSP.net's customer service.



LSP.net works compliant to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System),
the Information Security Management System is conform to ISO 27001.




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