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OTM – Quality Management

OTM (Online Translation Manager) is certified to EN 15038 and 100% compliant to ISO 9001.
The software features integrated quality management systems to promote continuous
and sustainable improvement for all quality benchmarks.

Product quality Service quality
Customer satisfaction - criteria

Quality assurance

Customer satisfaction relies on the formal and linguistic quality of the documents you deliver to them.

OTM helps you find the right freelancers for your projects. This starts with a structured matrix to help you define the language combinations and areas of specialization for the text. Once that is completed, OTM delivers a list of resources matching the job's specifications.

The selection list includes factors like an average score from previous quality assessments.

Formal quality testing

Formal quality criteria includes completeness, timeliness of delivery, adherence to the stipulations of the given job as well as formatting, as assessed for each completed job by the respective project manager.

Linguistic quality assessment

The assessment of linguistic quality for services like translation is a difficult but important task.

OTM offers the option of ordering a qualitative assessment of submitted work, using a procedure designed to ensure impartiality, competency and fairness so that the freelancer rankings can be viewed as trustworthy by all.

Each linguistic assessment must include an indication of who performed the analysis (project manager, customer, specially commissioned editor, etc).

Complaint management

Customer complaints happen, even in the best of operations. Project managers receiving complaints about a project can switch the project into complaint resolution status. OTM then documents the nature of the complaint, how it processed and the ultimate resolution.


Rapid reaction times

OTM assists with extremely rapid reaction times to project-related requests by making it quick and easy to create quotes or process changes to a project.

Best business practices

OTM encourages best business practices. This includes error-free generation of invoices and credit notes – containing all information required by tax authorities – and support for all processes involving legal contracts, such as order agreements from customers and commissioning of external service providers.

Data security and confidentiality

For informations about data security and confidentiality please click here.


Quality management is discreetly integrated into the workflows.

You offer your customers and freelancers a comprehensive First-class service – in conformity with ISO 9001.

Detailed explanations on the various topics are
      available here.

Whitepaper: Quality Assurance with OTM

OTM is certified to DIN EN 15038.
      You can download the certificate here.

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