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OTM – Software License

OTM – Online Translation Manager is licensed by LSP.net as Software as a Service (SaaS).
To use OTM, all that is required is an internet connection. No software installation.

 OTM License

Translator Business Enterprise
Suits best for... Single translators,
teams of translators,
no outsourcing
LSPs with up to 10 PMs LSPs with more than 10 PMs
Free trial period 14 days 30 days no
Setup fee included included EUR 5,600
OTM Updates included included included
Minimum contract term 3 month no 12 months
Data transfer included included included
Automatic data protection (backup) yes yes yes
Individual subdomain (mycompany.qtn.net) yes yes no
Usage of your own domain n/a n/a yes
Installation on separate server hardware n/a n/a yes


OTM Enterprise License (Hardware)

Your OTM installation will be exclusively located on dedicated server hardware, on which only your company's accounts and data will be stored.

Server hardware specifications (example):
Processor: Intel® Xeon® Multi Core
RAM: up to 64 GB
HD / SSD: up to 4 TB

The server will be exclusively maintained and administrated by LSP.net.

Data backup will be carried out via rsync (SSL) to a second data center location.

With this model, you will be free to choose a domain (e.g. yourdomain.net) which you will re-route to the server IP address via DNS. The domain will be registered and provided by your company.

E-mail addresses used for your staff users will then be set up accordingly.

Server administration by LSP.net yes yes yes
Secure internet connection yes yes yes
Secure file delivery yes yes yes
Unlimited number of projects, quotes and invoices yes yes yes
Free e-mail support yes yes yes
Online availability (minimum) 99.5% 99.5% 99.5%
OTM modules      
Front end (project management) yes yes yes
Back end (administration) yes yes yes
E-mail integration yes yes yes
Automatic document version control yes yes yes
SDL Trados Studio wizard yes yes yes
Integrated quality management
DIN EN 15038 certified and conform to ISO 9001
no yes yes
Bookkeeping basic yes yes
Reports / Statistics basic yes yes
Client portal
w/ unlimited number of FREE user accounts for customers (service pages)
no yes yes
Vendor portal
w/ unlimited number of FREE user accounts for freelancers (service pages)
no yes yes
Client testimonials and barometer yes yes yes
Customer web form for quote requests yes yes yes
Freelance application web form no yes yes
OTM web site (if desired)
Multilingual web pages: Home – Contact – About Us – References – General Terms and Conditions
yes yes yes
Plans and prices Translator Business Enterprise
Per user account per month (access to project management and administration) EUR 19 EUR 68 n/a
Flat rate – unlimited user accounts (access to project management and administration) per month n/a n/a EUR 2,380
Get your free OTM trial - it is free of charge and has no restrictions in functionality. At the end of the trial period you will be asked if you want to switch to the paid mode. Coming soon – Not available yet Click here to apply
for a free OTM trial
Please contact us


License terms and conditions

Each OTM license is associated with a company or a sole proprietorship.
The license may not be transferred, loaned or sold to a third party.


License invoicing

A detailed listing of the current license fees can be viewed at any time on your OTM administrator pages.
Invoices are also available for download as PDF files for accounting purposes.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or via PayPal®.

Add ons

OTM SDL TRADOS® Studio Connector for Windows
Number of installations 1 2 3 4 5+
Price per month EUR 75 EUR 135 EUR 192 EUR 240 Please contact us

Any questions about our products? Please feel free to contact our customer service.


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