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OTM 6.5.1 – Update


Maintaining confidentiality agreements

If confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements have been made the customer, that customer’s project files can now be set to “classified” in the OTM file repository. This causes the name of the relevant files to be appended correspondingly, and resource persons involved with the project must declare a particular commitment to confidentiality (for example, deleting all project files from their computers after the conclusion of the project).

In order to facilitate ongoing compliance with confidentiality agreements (such as NDAs, SLAs, etc.) between OTM users, clients and resources, as of OTM version 6.5.1 a function is included in the OTM customer administration to set file status to “classified” by default. If this option is selected for a customer, all uploads to the file repository of that customer are automatically “classified”.

Please note: This applies to all files added to that customers projects after the option is enabled. Files already present in the projects are not affected.


Marking OTM e-mails as unread

E-mail messages in the exchange with customers or resources can now have their status set to “unread”. This will cause the associated project to be shown once again on the OTM Task Board.

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