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Alternative invoice recipients

Previously, OTM provided only a free text entry field to enter an alternative address for an invoice recipient which differed from the one in the customer's master data.


In OTM 6.5, this text entry field has been replaced by a form. A European VAT ID can also be included in this form and will be included automatically on the invoice. Administrators and accountants can also now enter separate customer numbers and the contra account and posting reference number for alternative invoice recipients.  Alternative invoice recipients can be used for invoices, partial invoices and customer credit notes.

Multiple alternative invoice recipients can be saved for a customer. An alternative recipient can also be indicated as the default recipient. This address will then be used as the billing address automatically in all subsequent projects for the customer.

The use of an alternative invoice recipient may possibly require changes in the tax setting (VAT, for example) for the project. In this case, OTM displays a warning before the document is generated.

Invoices issued to an alternative invoice recipient are marked with a color to indicate this in the OTM accounting module.







The option to enter an alternative billing address in the record for a customer contact is no longer available.

In the European Union, the regulations for cross-border invoicing require that invoices bear a notice for reverse taxation in particular circumstances. OTM now also takes this into account for alternative invoice recipients. Further information on the subject of reverse charge tax liability is found here.


Application scenarios for alternative invoice recipients

The quotation was addressed to the customer, but the invoice is to be issued for the project or generally to another company.

The quotation was sent to a contact person for the customer, but the invoice for the project or as a rule is to be addressed to another department (such as the purchasing or accounting department) or to another contact person in the company.

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