Saving a customer in the database

When is it necessary to enter a customer in the database and what options are there for doing so?

When is it necessary to create a new customer record?

A customer record is only required if at least one project is to be processed for the customer in OTM.

How is a customer record created?

A customer record is created automatically when
(a) a customer submits a price inquiry using the public quote request form or
(b) you as a project manager enter a quote request for a customer.
Furthermore, a customer can be set up manually so that, for example, an orphaned e-mail can be used as the basis for a request.

How do I find a customer that is already in the database?

(1) Click Customers in the main navigation area
(2) Select one or more search parameters and make the corresponding entries (such as the name of a contact person, company name or e-mail address)
(3) Click Search

How are duplicate records avoided?

Whenever a new customer record is created, OTM checks automatically whether a similar record already exists. If this is the case, then it is customer identification is used to ensure that no undesired duplicates are in the database.

How do I find out if a customer has already been entered in the database?

Look for the record in the customer administration area (see “How do I find a customer that is already in the database.” above).

How do I switch from a list of tasks or projects (quotations and orders) or from a current project to customer administration?

Click on the “i” icon (for details) by the contact persons name.

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