How do I forward e-mail from and to my OTM user account?

Recommended settings

Forwarding e-mail from the OTM user account to an external e-mail address

1. Open the user record in Administration > Active user accounts.
2. Ensure that an external e-mail address has been entered.
3. Select Yes for Forward e-mail.

Setting up the “Reply to” address for an external e-mail address

Use the e-mail address of your OTM user account as the “Reply to” address in your e-mail configuration.

When sending an e-mail or also as a default in most e-mail programs, you can set the configuration so that responses to e-mails sent from the external mail account are directed to your OTM user account.

We strongly recommend that you send all project-related e-mails using the OTM e-mail functions. That way every e-mail remains available in the thread of the project it belongs to.

However, if you send project related e-mails to a customer or resource through your e-mail client, you should always send a BCC to the same "Reply to" address, i.e. to the e-mail address of your OTM user account. Only then will a copy of the e-mail be available in OTM. You will find the e-mail under orphaned e-mails and have to assign it to the project manually.

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