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Latest news

Five months after its last major release, has introduced more powerful project management features in its Version 4.0 release of the company's unique online project management solution. Responding to the needs of increasingly mobile service providers, options for using OTM on hand-held devices have been optimized for popular models and will continue to be expanded. Best practice for service, security and legal aspects of the language business is further underscored and facilitated in the new release and future plans.

Important development and events include:

  • New terms for the free OTM trial and a "second look" for those familiar with previous releases of the software
  • Mobile project management and administration on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch
  • New price and service templates which make quotation and invoicing easier than ever. Previous projects can be used as "templates", and multiple templates can be combined for large quotations
  • New tutorial units and training videos to support new OTM users and highlight best practice
  • OTM referral program: get free month credits for sharing this solution with others
  • Scheduled live demonstrations of OTM with Netviewer. Join us to learn how this solution can work for your business!

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New features in OTM 4.0

iPhone screenshot – project switchboard

OTM goes mobile: administrators and project managers can now
- View project requests and assign them for processing
- Block project management
- Read e-mail
- View quotations and customer profiles
- Read reports
and perform other tasks from popular hand-held devices such
as the Apple iPhone.

The range of mobile device functions continues to be expanded and will eventually include the interfaces for customers and subcontracting suppliers or other resources.

Getting started and mastering the possibilities of OTM keeps getting easier. New live tutorial projects are now available on request. Together with help videos, FAQs, focused feature tutorials and comprehensive in-program help which is displayed in a side frame in your working window, these will ensure a confident start in quoting projects, assigning jobs to resources, performing QA and customer deliveries and invoicing.

Quotation processes are more efficient than ever before with the unique price and service templates which are like price lists for costing, only better. Templates can be created for typical services or service combinations, or they can be generated from past projects. Previous customer projects can also be used as "dynamic templates" to extract service and price line items for re-use in new projects. Templates can be restricted to individual project managers who create them or shared with everyone in the office.

Time can now be displayed in the time zone personally chosen by the project manager. UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) is shown in a tip field displayed when the cursor is placed over the time information. Or the main display can be set to UTC with the alternate time zone as a tip. This feature is intended to reduce confusion when working between time zones and can also be used to track times in the time zones of particular clients. For more detailed time zone questions, a quick click on the system time zone at the top of the screen opens the world clock information with times for cities around the world.

Workflows on the screen have been improved with some additional touches of "Ajax" technologies. This makes evaluating files received from suppliers and other tasks more smooth and convenient than ever.

And, as always, there are many minor additions and upgrades to the features and interface to make the work of language service providers flow faster and smoother with OTM...

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Success story

State-of-the-art business processes save valuable time


Ralf Lemster Financial Translations GmbH ("RLFT") is a specialist provider of financial translations based in Frankfurt, Germany. Managed by Ralf Lemster, a former investment banker turned translator, the business is run as a "virtual company" uniting a team of around 30 professionals from all over the world.

As an early adopter of secure internet-based file transfer and management (RLFT's proprietary "TTIS" platform was launched back in 2002), the company was looking for a state-of-the-art project and quality management tool in late 2009. When the opportunity arose, RLFT joined as a pilot tester in January 2010, and has been actively using OTM ever since.

Managing Partner Ralf Lemster comments on why choosing OTM turned out to be the right decision for RLFT:

"OTM offers exactly what I was looking for: an integrated, web-based project management platform that combines maximum online security with transparent processes and ease of use – for clients, suppliers and project managers alike.

OTM's optimized, 'best-practice' business processes and streamlined file and e-mail repositories provide an efficient work and communications environment. All file transfers are encrypted at every level (vis-à-vis clients as well as resources) to protect confidentiality, and there are terms and conditions of business integrated as well as online ordering to secure RLFT's legal position.

Just as importantly, quality assurance and quality management are embedded into OTM's process flows, making it easy for project managers to choose the right person for a particular job.

Having used OTM for a year now, I can affirm that it has saved a lot of time previously spent on tasks such as manual invoicing or Excel-based file management – today I see the OTM platform as an indispensible part of my business."

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OTM features overview

Free OTM trial now expanded

The free OTM trial terms have also been upgraded to enable longer evaluation periods for those who need them to decide on a project management platform. A three month evaluation period is now available instead of the previous 30 days. This will facilitate better acquaintance with the features of the OTM environment for those with long decision processes or busy daily routines. Up to 5 projects can be managed in the trial period, allowing critical project scenarios to be evaluated thoroughly. Any number of users (project manager logins) can be set up during the trial period, so the evaluation can involve all potential users in a team or organization.

Those who have evaluated the software in the past are welcome to have a "second look" at the many new features which have been introduced in recent months, such as greater customizability of standard texts, more client interface languages, sophisticated invoicing options, additional archiving options, greater legal security with online proposal acceptance and more. Just contact with your request, and your old trial account will be re-activated for another three month evaluation.

For contacting with your request, please click here

OTM "live"!

You can join us for live demonstrations of real project solutions using the Online Translation Manager. See step-by-step how quotation requests are handled, jobs assigned and delivered and projects billed. Learn about feedback on your projects and other tips for promoting your business and making it stronger with secure, reliable technology available 24/7 anywhere with access to the Internet. Presentations are currently scheduled in English on:

  • Tuesday, February 8 at 3:00 pm UTC
  • Thursday, February 10 at 5:00 pm UTC

Demonstrations are also available at other times and in other languages (German and Spanish). If you would like to join one of the events listed above, click here to register; to arrange a presentation at another time or in another language, use this request page.

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Once you've experienced the productivity gains and business security offered by best practice online project management, you may want to share your experience with others.

You can recommend OTM to colleagues and business associates; if they choose to license the solution for use after their trial period, as a token of appreciation you'll be credited a free month of use for your OTM account, which can be applied at any time you choose. More details can be found with the link in the OTM Project Manager main menu.

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