What types of access are there in OTM?

Overview of the front ends



This interface includes user administration, data and settings for your company, corporate identity, resource management, OTM licenses and license accounting.

The first user for a company or agency automatically has access to the administration and project management areas. This user can set up additional logins in the user administration module and define their access rights.

Project management


Project management, customer administration, bookkeeping and statistics are found here.

OTM website


A publicly accessible web site with the quotation request form for customers, the application form for resources and optional pages for the company profile, “customer barometer”, terms and conditions of business and more.

The content for the OTM website is entered and configured in the administration interface.

Resource service pages


These pages provide access to job offers, jobs and payment vouchers, master data maintenance, settings for areas of specialization, out-of-office notices, etc.

Everyone who performs jobs (such as translations) requires this access. The only exception to this is when a project manager does a job personally. All others who receive jobs require a dedicated access to OTM for this purpose: the service pages for resources. This login is created when an administrator uses the resource management interface to (a) send a corresponding e-mail to a service provider or (b) accepts the application of a resource who has applied using the application form of the OTM website.

Customer service pages (optional)


Here new quote requests or projects can be initiated, secure exchange of information and data between the customer and agency can occur (avoiding unsafe e-mail), projects can be tracked, master data for the customer can be maintained, contact persons can be added by the customers and access rights for projects can be assigned or revoked for these contacts.

The login for a customer is enabled in the customer administration submodule in the project management interface.

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