Re-sending e-mail to a different address

When one has used a number of e-mail addresses in the past, it is often difficult to "retrain" clients to use special e-mail addresses to integrate with the workflows of an online translation process management system like OTM from A simple way to redirect request messages which arrive on the "wrong" e-mail account so that they can be used most easily as the basis for setting up a project in OTM is to use the "resend" feature of Microsoft Outlook.

When an inquiry is directed to the "wrong" e-mail account

Open the mail message and select the command "Resend This Message..." from the Actions menu.

A confirmation dialog appears

Click "Yes" to re-send the message. The message will arrive at the new recipient's inbox with the original sender indicated as the sender of the rerouted message.

Erase the original e-mail recipient's address and enter the new e-mail to which the message is to be re-routed

In this case the message will be re-sent to a project manager's address in OTM.

The rerouted message appears in the incoming e-mail for the new recipient

Here the re-sent message appears in the "orphaned mail" in OTM. From there it can be opened and used as the basis for setting up a new client project.

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